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What health testing do we do?

Breeding dogs responsibly involves ensuring that both the male and female dogs are healthy and free from any genetic diseases or health conditions that can be passed on to their offspring.


Before breeding a dog, it’s important to perform various health tests to ensure the health and well-being of the puppies.

We engage the services of Orivet (Australia) and Embark (USA) to conduct DNA testing of our dogs prior to their engagement in our breeding program. These check for specific conditions such as von Willebrand’s disease, degenerative myelopathy, and many others and are very comprehensive. Embark, in particular, tests for 230+ genetic health risks, 35+ traits, determined on breed specific characteristics and individually paired to all dogs. 

Additionally, all of our dogs visit the vet regularly for physical check-ups. This includes manipulation of their hips, elbows and checks of their spines. Specific tests needed may vary depending on the breed and individual dog and we always consult with our experienced veterinarians who provide guidance on the appropriate health testing needed before breeding a dog. 

We are diligent about vaccinations and worming of our dogs with all puppies given C3 vaccinations and all adult dogs vaccinated with C5 vaccines. 

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Diet is also a primary consideration for us and we feed premium feeds such as Advance and Royal Canin to ensure that the best environmental factors are provided to our breeding dogs. 

We have taken all steps when selecting our breeding dogs to ensure that we select healthy dogs with great temperaments. Our cavoodles, miniature cavoodles, groodles, labradoodles and mini labradoodles, have been sourced from all over Australia and selected on the basis of the individual qualities that they bring to complement our multi-generational breeding program. Striving to continually improve our dogs and their producing healthy, valuable family members is at the core of what we do. 

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