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What should I expect when I bring home a new Oodle Puppy?

Puppies are no different to babies, like babies Oodle puppies need a lot of sleep, don’t be surprised if your puppy has between 16-18 hours sleep per day! It’s important to remember every puppy is different and therefore some need more or less than others and remember the time required for sleep will slowly reduce as they get older. Like babies, if they do not get enough sleep it can impact their temperament, health, and attitude. During your Oodle’s adolescent stage, he/she will sleep over half of the day in series of different periods, just like teenagers…right?!

Don’t be alarmed if your puppy whimpers on their first night in a foreign new home, this is normal and as for some puppies a foreign new home won’t even phase them. Every puppy is unique in their own special way. Some puppies may take a few days to become comfortable whilst others are confidently strutting around. Whining and crying is all very normal, imagine a human baby being passed off to a new mother. The new mother will have a new scent and new mannerisms which is all very unfamiliar and a little bit scary to puppies. Crying at night can be minimized with a few soft and furry plush toys, especially if they mimic the size of their siblings or mum.

It's all so exciting for your new little one

Like with anything in life new beginnings can be both exciting yet stressful, the feeling of stress is magnified for puppies due to new surroundings and smells. Stress-related issues can occur in puppies, for example, loose stools and loss of appetite for the first day or two until they become comfortable. Loose stools are more common when they have also changed diet. Your breeder will give you a supply of kibble that they feed to all their puppies if you’re looking to change the brand slowly introduce other kibble or food gradually to ease the new diet transition. Loose stools (even with a little mucus or blood in it) for a few days is not a reason for alarm so long as the puppy is alert and acting healthy and comfortable. If the problem persists for several days, it’s important to contact your breeder for any questions, alternatively, consult your local Vet.

A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad

Robert Wagner

Don't fret the small stuff!

You will also notice that some puppies may sometimes scoff or gulp their food and water which may cause bloating or lead to a bit of throw-up food &/or water. Don’t fret, this is only temporary and will self-correct in 48-72 hours. If you’re a new parent, we understand you want to make sure your puppy is perfectly comfortable and happy and we always encourage more questions than no questions. At the end of the day, if your puppy is acting and looking healthy, there is no need to be alarmed over their initial behaviour with food consumption. If your puppy tends to gulp food a lot, try and feed smaller amounts several times per day until the problem is resolved. Oodles are known to be a little gluttonous so even older dogs still gup their food and throw up. If this condition persists over an extended period of time, especially if your puppy is not looking or acting healthy, a vet should be consulted, and be sure to let your Breeder know as well.

One last thing, like babies, each puppy is very unique and nothing is 100% predictable. If your puppy is eating well, playing normally and exploring then there is little reason to be concerned unless any problems continue long period with minimum improvement then we do encourage you to speak to your Breeder or Vet.

A Few Things To Help You

Bringing home a Oodle Puppy

A little preparation goes a long way, puppies first car ride can be a little nerve-racking and is your first opportunity to bond with your puppy so here are some tips to make it comfortable and memorable!

Prior to collecting your puppy

Make sure you allocate enough time to bring your puppy home and spend time with them, taking time off work (3-5 days) is ideal to help them familiarise themselves with new surroundings. You’re their new guardian so it’s important you help them socialize and introduce them to their new surroundings. Bringing a puppy home during festivity seasons may steal our attention away from them so make sure you time this well.

Celebrate with a friend’s company

Bring your best friend or partner along when you pick up your puppy so you can bond with them. Not only can you celebrate the moment of bringing your new fur baby home but they can also help you note down important facts the breeder is telling you.

Knowledge is key

Keep a list of all important questions you may have for a breeder, a reputable and passionate breeder will have a guide for you to reference when taking your puppy home. Facebook pages are very popular for new parents to ask common questions.

Introducing a puppy to your home

Phew! Made it through the car ride, now time to introduce your puppy to his new environment. To maximize a calm and relax environment try and keep abrupt changes and visitors at bay until your puppy settles in.

Training early achieves good behavior

Positive reinforcement works wonders on puppies and the first few days with the puppy will give you the perfect chance to practice praising his good behavior whilst demonstrating who is the Alpha. Remember it’s important not to punish your puppy as it’s too early to set any disciplinary action. Your puppy is still getting used to their environment and scolding or punishing your puppy may cause added stress. After the car ride, your puppy will probably need to potty, so take them to the area where you’ve established where he should eliminate if he has eliminated in that spot praise him so he gets used to a mini celebration when he potty’s in the proper spot.

Bring Home A New Oodle Puppy

Don’t forget to puppy proof your home!

Allow your puppy to explore freely If your puppy finds something and chews on it that he shouldn’t be, again, be mindful not to punish him, just exchange the object for something else like a chew toy or treat that’s good for their itchy teeth:

Bacon flavoured chew toy

Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews

Smart Sticks Peanut Butter

Puppies like to look around however when they lock eyes with you or focus towards your direction, cheerfully say their name, it’ll create a connection and show that you’re the pack leader which is important for Oodles.

Toilet Breaks and Food

After exploring his new surroundings your puppy should have worked up a bit of an appetite so offer him food. Don’t drastically change his diet and offer him a new brand of kibble, raw meat or any other new food, we suggest giving them the same type used by the breeder in the first few weeks. After 10 minutes or so your puppy may need to go to the toilet, take them to the potty area and if they potty make sure to cheerfully praise them.

Puppies around 8-16 weeks old need 3 to 4 meals a day and plenty of clean drinking water. When to take your puppy to potty?

  • After he wakes up from a nap
  • After each meal
  • After a long play session

We like to keep things simple and use a general rule of thumb for potty breaks, it’s just taking your puppies age and adding one to produce the number of hours they need to potty. For example, if they are 1 month old, add one and that will give you 2 hours before they have to potty. It’s important to use the same area or potty as this will help them understand the designated area. Puppy training pads are a great way to keep your place clean and also help little accidents when you’re not looking.

Responsible Dog Owners Code of Conduct

  • I will always provide my dog/s with adequate, food, shelter, fresh water and exercise.
  • I will equip my dog/s for life by providing it with good socialization, training and manners.
  • I will ensure my dog/s receives adequate veterinary attention.
  • I will take full responsibility for all of my dog’s actions.
  • I will not allow my dog to roam freely except in designated off leash areas and then only in a responsible manner.
  • I will provide adequate fencing and containment systems to suit the breed of dog/s I own.
  • I will not allow my dog/s to cause a problem to or lessen the quality of life for any person in the community by barking, destroying property, threatening or mauling humans or other animals.
  • I will take responsibility for any mess or excrement caused by my dog/s in both private and public places.
  • I will lead by example and advocate responsible dog ownership within the community.
  • I will not breed my dog without first consulting with my breeder.

More Helpful Information

Puppies and sleep is crucial

Puppies like to sleep a lot, somewhere between 16-18 hours of sleep per day! To help your puppy get the best rest it’s important to create a small confined area where he feels safe and secure. Check on him often, and when he wakes up take him outside to his potty area.

So, survived the first day? Well done! Well, now it’s time to prepare your first night! Patience is a virtue…

First night home with the puppy

Not only is this a brand new experience for your puppy, it’s a brand new experience for you (if you’re a first time Oodle adopter). Embrace and cherish this moment (though a little challenging at the start) a little patience will help you and your puppy. Remember, it’s the first time your puppy has spent the night away from his mumma and siblings. Dogs are pack animals and puppies know instinctively that being alone, away from his pack can be dangerous. Crying is normal, it’s just your puppy calling out for his pack to feel safe again.

Bedtime preparation shenanigans

Limit food 2-3 hours before bedtime to make sure their stomach and bladder isn’t full before sleep, this may interrupt their sleep, not to mention yours! Before bedtime, we play with your puppy to make sure he’s tired enough to peacefully and soundly sleep. If he tries too quickly try and not let him nap in between plays as he’ll be up all night, just like a baby after their nap. Make sure to take your puppy to potty before bedtime, if he goes to the toilet cheerfully praise him.

Should I let my puppy sleep with me?

Sleep is important for you and your puppy so to improve your chances of peaceful sleep try to let your puppy sleep in your bedroom as this will subdue the whining. Constant contact during the night will also ease your puppy’s anxiety levels.

I know it’s hard but try not to let your puppy in your bed and sleep with you. Allowing your puppy to sleep in your bed will grow a level of expectation that they should always be in bed with you which can lead to behavioral problems as your puppy grows, such as separation anxiety. We suggest putting a T-Shirt or old jumper near to him as they can become familiar with your scent. A ticking clock underneath your item of clothing may also help soothe your puppy on their first night home. Don’t forget to check on them during the night if they need bathroom breaks or need water.