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About Mon Amour Oodles

We specialise in breeding Labradoodles, Groodles, Theodores (Cavoodles). We take great care to ensure that our puppies are healthy, don’t shed much, and are well-adjusted, so that they can become cherished members of their new families.

Based in Canberra, Mon Amour Oodles is a renowned  Cavoodle Breeder, Labradoodle Breeder, and Miniature Cavoodle Breeder. At Mon Amour our priority is to provide loving and responsible breeding practices. Our Cavoodle Puppies, Labradoodle Puppies, Mini Labradoodle Puppies, Mini Groodles, and Miniature Cavoodle Puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, where their health and well-being are our top concerns. We source our dogs from reputable breeders all over Australia, ensuring their DNA is tested and they receive regular vet check-ups.

At Mon Amour Oodles, we take great pride in our breeding program. We are dedicated to producing Cavoodles, Labradoodles and Minature Cavoodles with exceptional temperament, intelligence, and overall health. Our diverse selection of Cavoodle Puppies and Labradoodle Puppies includes a variety of colours and sizes, including the popular Miniature Cavoodle. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, we can help you find your perfect Cavoodle and Labradoole companion.

Lisa Kirkup

Mon Amour Oodles

RPBA Reg No. 4128 BIN No. 0000847947

We Love Our Oodles

Our breeding program is focussed on breeding healthy low-shedding pups with confident, personable temperaments to ensure that they are well adjusted and able to become a valuable part of their new families for a really long time. We have been careful to select really lovely dogs from all over Australia to base our bloodlines from.

We love Oodle dogs;- they are funny, smart and personable. They thrive in family homes and, with the right training, can work as service/therapy dogs. Their low-to-no shedding coats make them a clear choice for families who have allergy sufferers as well as those who are just that bit house-proud!

We breed Oodles that are smaller in size – crossing foundation, first, second and multigenerational dogs with toy and miniature sized poodles. This is done with the intention of breeding puppies that are the perfect size for suburban gardens, townhouses or even apartments.

The health of our animals always comes first and foremost. We are a vet accredited and audited member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association and conduct regular health testing of our dogs including regular vet visits as well as DNA testing (both in Australia and USA).









Down On The Farm

There are no cages or concrete runs here! We are really proud of both our breeding program and the life that we provide for our dogs. We are lucky to live on 250 acres so they are offered endless room to run and play. They roll in the mud, swim in the dam and go on daily walks. 

Our property is named “Trawalla” which is a word of aboriginal origin which means ‘wild water’ or ‘much rain’. Our property has Brooks Creek as its border which runs into Lake George as well as more than 7 dams for the dogs to swim in (which they love). 

Outside of dog breeding, Trawalla is also a thoroughbred racehorse breeding farm and training facility and the home of Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery. Located only half an hour from Canberra we welcome farm visits. 

15+ Years of Experience - Dog Breeders

We have been breeding dogs for more than 15 years. Originally starting with Chihuahuas, we then moved to breed French Bulldogs for quite a number of years as a MDBA registered breeder under the prefix “Le Provost French Bulldogs”. Eventually we began to consider breeds of dogs which had more genetically diverse backgrounds than French Bulldogs (which unfortunately have a limited number of bloodlines in Australia). This, along with a desire to breed dogs that had the health, conformation and temperament to keep up with our life on the farm, drew us towards breeding Labradoodles, Groodles and Theodores (Cavodles). This was the right decision for us as our dogs have shown us and their new families time and time again that they are healthy, adaptable and capable of living long and full lives. 

What our length of breeding experience shows to you is our commitment to our dogs. This is a lifelong passion that we have held and we have invested heavily in providing the best care and facilities for our puppies. We know every part of our dogs’ personalities – what they like and don’t like and we monitor our puppies from birth closely drawing continually from the experience that we have gained. 

Mon Amour Oodles Qualifications Certificates and Memberships

We hold the following certifications and memberships

Amongst raising puppies we are continually studying and researching and have gained the following accreditations.

Master Dog Breeders Association

Member of the Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA) No. 13801 - Le Provost French Bulldogs, Le Provost Oodles

Responsible Pet Breeders Association

Member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association (RPBA) No. 4128 - Mon Amour Oodles - including completion of a full vet certification of our breeding conditions and dogs

NSW Breeder Identification N.

NSW Breeder Identification N.: B0000847947

Cats NSW Breeder

Mon Tigre Bengals


Nationally Recognised Statement in Attainment:

Microchip in Dogs and Cats


Diploma in Equine and Canine Acupuncture


Diploma in Equine Sports Therapy

First Aid Certifications:

Animal and Human First Aid Certifications